• 1.5hr Mackerel Fishing

    Let our skipper take you out into the Channel for a 90-minute fishing experience you'll never forget.


    Mackerel Is a very common fish in Britian ,The season to catch them is from early may until early to late october but there have been Mackertel caught In all months.


    There are three main ways to fish for mackerel these are Spinning , Feathering and Float Fishing


    You'll be fishing for mackerel (all equipment provided) and, with the skipper's expert help you'll soon be among the fish.


    Mackerel don't grow very big - a few pounds at most - but they're the fastest fish in British waters and they put up a fantastic fight so you'll all have heaps of fun as you struggle to reel them in.


    Lots of first timers try this and end up hooked on fishing for life.


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